Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have a converter that works now. I can finally post about our adventures :)

So last night, we played a concert with the Adlais Choir and a youth choir (forgotten the name, sorry). And let me tell you...those choirs were very very good. We were pretty tired, so we got off to kind of a rocky start, but we definitely improved after the first few songs. We seemed very well-received. :) We have another concert tonight, after a nice long day walking around Bangor. We're leaving for Bangor at 10:30. It's 9:55 right now. I think it's our last "free" day while we're here. We're going to Ruthin tomorrow, but I don't know that we're really doing much while we're there -- I was informed by a Plas Menai employee that Ruthin has "six houses and a farm."

I didn't get any pictures of Caernarfon. My camera battery died...and well, like I said, I had converter issues. I will be getting pictures of Caernarfon from other people, though, so stay tuned. Hopefully I'll get them sometime tonight or maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'd like to post some pictures of Chester and Conwy, which I never got to do when we went there. This is a beautiful interesting place.

Tonight: Expect a post about Bangor and our concert, and also expect some pictures.
Also, coming tomorrow or the day after...a post entirely about all the quirky British food that I've bought and tried. They've got interesting stuff.

PS: When I checked my passport in at the Manchester Airport, the English man behind the desk told me to "have a lovely stay, mate." :D :D :D


  1. Sounds like you are having a lovely stay. <3

  2. Thank you for blogging for us, Megan! Keep the pictures coming - I hope you all are having a great time!

    Dot Dixon (Sam's mom)

  3. Hi Megan! I am one of the original GMC choir members. Sang with you all in September. Thank you so much for blogging. I hope you all are having an awesome time.


  4. Hi,

    I was the presenter of the youth choir on Tuesday. We're called 'Aelwyd yr Ynys' and this is our website (though it's not been updated in a long while, sorry!):

    It was great meeting and singing alongside you. Good luck with the rest of the trip! I have a copy of your CD and was listening to it and enjoying it this morning.


    Peredur Glyn Davies

  5. Hey.. looks like it's a fun day! Your photos excites me more for Wales holidays.