Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bangor and Cor Meibion.

We went into Bangor today for our last free day of wandering around. It's larger than all the other towns we visited; I'm sure Bangor actually qualifies as a city. Many students (myself included) took advantage of the several bakeries located in Bangor. This is one thing I'm sure we're all going to miss when we get back to America -- bakeries are extremely common over here.
Bangor also has a very nice museum. Sadly, I did not make it there -- I couldn't find it. :(
However, most of the other students seemed to be able to locate it. I heard a lot of positive stuff about it and if I can get pictures I will put them here!

We played a concert tonight with Cor Meibion y Foel and a girl named Lucy Kelly. Cor Meibion y Foel is a men's choir and Lucy Kelly is a thirteen or fourteen year old girl who has won many vocal competitions. These people are extremely talented. We all felt very honoured to be able to sing alongside them. The members of Cor Meibion y Foel are extremely friendly -- one of them even came into our bus after the show and gave us tote bags as souvenirs. There was also a buffet set up after the show, which made us all extremely happy, because college students are bottomless pits as you all know.

We're going to Ruthin tomorrow. It's about an hour and a half drive. The Cantorion (small chamber choir made up of select members) is playing a small show there tomorrow, and then we have a show after that. It'll be quite a long day. I'll post pictures tomorrow, since I didn't get very many of Bangor. I'll just lump them together.

So, friends and families -- rest easy! We are all having a fantastic time. This is a beautiful country with very friendly people and we're enjoying our stay!


  1. Hi there!
    I'm a student down at Aberystwyth University and I'm lucky enough to be going to GMC as part of an exchange program next year!
    Where are you guys performing? I'd love to come listen/meet you all!

  2. Welcome to Wales!! I'm an alumni exchange student (from 2005) who came from Wales to GMC for the semester (like daveyhampton above) and i really wished i could have made it up to see you all perform but im based in south wales now so can't get off work. The photos are great and i hope you enjoy the rest of your stay...!
    Diolch, (thank you in welsh)
    Becky Watson

  3. I'm Lindsay Herlihy's mom. Since I haven't heard from her, I'm totally enjoying your posts :-) Keep 'em coming!

  4. Hi Lindsay's mom! I feel better now that I won't be the only mom accused of stalking my kid!

    Dot Dixon (Sam's mom)

    love the pictures!

  5. Thanks for reading, guys! I wasn't sure anyone really was :P

    Stalker moms unite! <3